Friday, December 11, 2009

Natural Zing Affiliate Sales Contest in On!

Already I see some great activity out there.

In the category of "Most tiers added in Dec." New affiliate not only just signed up as an affiliate, but she already established a tier in December. Awesome!

In the category of "Highest Sales in December" (individual)
Wendi Dee and Sharon Greenspan are doing well in this category. Love the work you gals do!

In the category of "Highest Sales in December" (organization)
Lydia's Organics and Gnosis Chocolates are both doing great!

In the category of most improved in Dec. I think it is too soon to say who is leading. I see some some new energy from newer and long time affiliates. I'm excited myself to see the results.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Natural Zing Affiliate Sales Contest Prizes

Category You Win
Highest Sales in Dec. (individual) $100 Shopping Spree at Natural Zing
Highest Sales in Dec. (organization*) $75 Shopping Spree at Natural Zing
Most improved sales since November $75 Shopping Spree at NZ or double your commission
Most new tiers added in Dec.$50 Shopping Spree at Natural

Monday, December 7, 2009

Watch for Natural Zing Specials

Remember to check Natural Zing's blog for specials. We will be running some specials this month, so you want to stay in formed so you can promote them. You can follow Natural Zing's Blog and follow Natural Zing on twitter for the latest specials and announcements.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Training for Natural Zing Affiliates

Please check the training section we are adding new video training all the time. Some of the new videos are very powerful. I've learn a lot myself. If you want to increase your sales this is an easy way to learn how. Some of the last training includes:

Professional Affiliate Marketing

Advanced Keyword Tools
Running Time: 9:17 minutes.

Social Marketing
Running Time: 12:41 minutes.

Video Marketing
Running Time: 7:03 minutes.

Viral Marketing
Running Time: 16:29 minutes.

ROI Tracking
Running Time: 00:01 minutes.

Login to your account and go to Watch Video Training on the left hand side of the screen.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

December 2009 Natural Zing Affiliate Sales Contest

I am very excited about the enthusiasm that you, our affiliate, have for Natural Zing and its products. Each month you amaze me with more sales than the previous month. I am so proud to have such an amazing group of individual promoting our products. You have the best blogs and informational websites out there on raw food and it is only natural the you've teamed up with Natural Zing, the largest distributor of raw vegan food. Natural Zing prides itself on "offering the best food for you and the earth" TM.

We want to express our appreciation to our affiliate by offering a contest to close out 2009. We have several categories so that no mater what your level of sales you can compete.

Category You Win
Highest Sales in Dec. (individual) $100 Shopping Spree at Natural Zing
Highest Sales in Dec. (organization*) $75 Shopping Spree at Natural Zing
Most improved sales since November $75 Shopping Spree at NZ or double your commission
Most new tiers added in Dec. $50 Shopping Spree at Natural Zing

* Food Manufactures,organizations that sell products

So now is the time to get your promotions ready, so that you can win a prize. We will post the winners January 15th, great for your new years resolution shopping. Each winner will be invited to write an article on sales tips and on their special website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creating custom links

There are two ways to create custom links.

Option one: You can have the affiliate software create them for you by plugging in the url (product page) on which you want your customers to land. We have an instruction PDF on this. See training PDFs when you sign into your affiliate account.

Option two: you take your affiliate url and add the specific product link you want. See example below for agave.

NOTE: id=1056 is my affiliate ID. You should have your own number there for this to apply commissions to your account.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Superfood ads

We now have new ads in page peels and light boxes promoting superfoods. Log in and check out the new ads.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Natural Zing Light Box Ads

Light box ads are now available.

These ads give you more variety and enables you to give more information about the website or product.

For more information on light boxes see training videos.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Identification Information Needed

Please sign into your account to confirm that you have all information filled out to continue receiving commissions. Starting next month we are requiring that all recipients of commission check complete the Tax ID, SSN or VAT information in their affiliate account. The great news is that many of you are now earning more and more commission :) However, this amount is higher that what the IRS will ignore from a tax stand point. In 2010 we will be sending out 1099 forms for those earning over $600 in 2009.

If you are an incorporated business, please let us know. Incorporated businesses do not need to receive 1099. If you are a non-profit, let us know, because I can research and see how this documentation may differ from other requirements.

Thank you for your assistance.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Affiliate Web Ads - Page Peels

Natural Zing's affiliate program now offers new affiliate ads called page peels

Check them out.
See example at right corner of page. I added it in my gadgets - java.

To see more log into your affiliate account and check out the page peels section

Also learn more about page peels in our affiliate training.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to log in?

click link below:

How to find training videos?

In your affiliate account look on the left hand side under Training Materials.
Then look just under that in RED letters it says "Watch Training Videos". Click to find the menu and watch away!

How to create product specific links

Please check out our PDF training document in the affiliate software on how to create customer links. You can create links to specific sections of our website, specific products, specific searches, and many other options.

Find in you affiliate account under Training Materials then PDF Training Documents.

Many new banners!

We have many banners that can be used on side bars and event resource sections. The latest promotes our New Year's Resolution Specials!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

NEW !!! Affiliate Training Videos

We have launched some amazing affiliate training videos. These will not only teach you how to use the affiliate system, but will teach you how to market you affiliate link and increase your sales. These are so much fun - easy to understand and easy to implement the ideas.

Just take a look at these great subjects.

Watch, learn, implement some new ideas, and watch your sales commission checks GROW.

Creating your own custom links

Using the new feature Alternative Incoming Links Page you can create customized links to any of our pages (products) you would like. The "Alternative Incoming Links" can be found at the lower left hand side of your new affiliate screen. A PDF training document will be posted soon.

Where are the FAQs?

You can find the FAQs under My Account.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upgrade to affiliate software

New features include:
Marketing Groups
Alternate Incoming Links (custom links - link to any page on our website or product)
Page Peel Ads (I'll be creating some soon)
Light Boxes (I'll be creating some soon)
HTML AD (I'm open to suggestions)
Email Template (Let me know what you need)
PDF documentation (I'll be adding info here too) I believe I no long have FAQ section, so I'll bring all of that information over from the old database.

****** Affiliate Training coming very soon!******