Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to be successful with NZ's affiliate program

Great places to visit to gain more information on how to be successful with your affiliate account.

• Natural Zing’s Affiliate Blog

• The Training Materials section in your affiliate account (we have many training videos that help beginners and very advanced marketers).

• The Marketing Materials section in your affiliate account for various banner ads, logos and such.

• The FAQ section in your account. (Look under “My Account” on the right hand side).

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I’m always open to suggestions and questions. Feel free to email me Make sure you identify yourself as an affiliate. Thank you!

Wishing you excellent health,
Helen Rose, M.B.A.
VP of Administration

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Natural Zing Affiliate Happy Winter!

If you are snowed in like me, then take some time to read a book, spend time with family, meditate or try a new recipe. I’m looking out on a winter wonderland; everything has a very thick blanket of snow… about 3 feet or about one foot where I had shoveled since the last snow storm. This is the 2nd snow storm in less than a week. For Maryland, this is extremely unusual.

Free Training Videos:

Now is also a great time to check out our affiliate training videos. There is something for everyone. From “Where to find traffic” and “Beginners blueprint” to “Forum Marketing” and other advanced marketing topics. With more people snowed in or spending time indoors that means more people online and more potential commission sales for you. These training videos are available to you for free from Natural Zing. It is a thank you for being one of our affiliates. Training videos are located in your right hand menu ...sign in and check them out.

FTC Announcement:
If you missed the announcement you can read it on the FTC website. My take on it is that the FTC is simply trying to weed out the rogues who make a dishonest buck by making false claims, publishing fake testimonials and advertising results that are unlikely to be achieved by the majority of their customers. The FTC is trying to protect consumers and as a conscientious person that should be your priority too. All they’re really asking you to do is to be upfront and honest. I know there are amazing results from raw food, but a good rule is to simply share your own experience on raw food or with specific products.

Natural Zing closed today (3/10/2010):
Due to the heavy snow fall, Natural Zing was closed on Monday and is closed today. Don’t worry about your orders or your referrals orders…our staff was amazing yesterday. They shipped out the orders from the weekend, Monday and Tuesday before this second snow fall. It almost broke our record for number of orders out in one day. Certainly, a record considering they left early to get home safely in the snow. So no worries, when we open again, sometime on Thursday, our amazing team will again ship the orders out quickly.

When I started writing this posting, before my two little ones where up, I described a calm winter wonderland…now when I look out we are in full scale blizzard and we have white out conditions. I’m glad I’m inside. I think I’ll make sure my husband is inside now. Happy Wednesday!

Wishing you abundant health,

Helen Rose
Owner of Natural Zing
and VP of Administration