Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to be successful with NZ's affiliate program

Great places to visit to gain more information on how to be successful with your affiliate account.

• Natural Zing’s Affiliate Blog

• The Training Materials section in your affiliate account (we have many training videos that help beginners and very advanced marketers).

• The Marketing Materials section in your affiliate account for various banner ads, logos and such.

• The FAQ section in your account. (Look under “My Account” on the right hand side).

• Natural Zing’s Official Blog follow us or sign up for our newsletter for specials, product reviews, recipes, and other announcements.

• Follow us on twitter

I’m always open to suggestions and questions. Feel free to email me Make sure you identify yourself as an affiliate. Thank you!

Wishing you excellent health,
Helen Rose, M.B.A.
VP of Administration

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