Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Natural Zing's Raw Food Chef Program

Raw food chef’s can make additional income by selling raw food kitchen tools and raw foods to students at events (i.e. classes), by helping students set up their kitchens and pantries with raw food tools and food supplies, and by offering on going support to their students.

Natural Zing is a perfect partner and resource to as you help your students find and obtain the supplies/food they need to be successful in the raw diet.


1. Sell at your event. Set up a wholesale account with Natural Zing and have some popular kitchen tools and supplies available for students to buy at your event.

2. Set up an affiliate relationship with Natural Zing where you can earn 10% commission on orders taken at your event or for orders that your students place through your affiliate link. Note: Kitchen appliances earn a 3% commission (blenders, juicers, dehydrators, etc).

How this works:

1. At the Event: Have Natural Zing catalog at your event for your students with order forms. Take student orders at the event. After the event place the orders through your affiliate link as if you are the student (with their credit card information). The items are shipped directly to the students and you receive 10% commission or the orders.

2. On Going Commissions: You can also email your affiliate link to your students after or before the event to encourage more orders through your link. Once that student places an order through your affiliate link, you will receive ongoing commissions on all future orders. You can also put the affiliate link on your website (if you have one).

3. Setting up someone’s kitchen: Order everything you need through your affiliate link and it mailed directly to your customer’s home, so it is ready for you when you arrive to set up their kitchen. Send your customers and email or direct them to order through your website for future supplies that can’t be found locally. ** We are working on a way that your customers can plug in your affiliate number on our order screen if they do not go through your link for their 1st purchase. If they insist on calling the order into us, please request that they mention your name.

How to set up a wholesale account: Request a wholesale set up sheet by email or phone: info@naturalzing.com or 1-866-729-9464.  Please fax in the attached wholesale set up form or email the information requested.

How to set up an affiliate account: www.NaturalZing.com/idevaffiliate/

Wholesale Accounts:

For those who have a café, a store, are manufacturing raw food products, or have a health practice where you sell to your patients and health students, you can set up a wholesale account with Natural Zing.

To request a wholesale set up sheet by email or phone: info@naturalzing.com or 1-866-729-9464

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