Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peggy's Affiliate's Jouney to Health

My raw food weight loss success story:

I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life..........losing 50 pounds and then gaining it all back in a couple of years. As a result of my desperate quest to reach my ideal weight I ruined my health in the mid-80's for more than five years (severe MS symptoms) because of eliminating almost all fat from my diet. I have finally found the secret to losing excess weight and keeping it off in a way that also promotes vibrant health and fitness.

Last Fall, I was stressed mentally, emotionally, and physically from a very stressful Spring and Summer that involved the care and death of several family members. I had been dealing with stress by eating chocolate and other high sugar foods and weighed over 200 pounds (way too much for my height). I don't know exactly how much over cause I could not stand to get on the scales and wouldn't allow anyone to take my picture.

Having a history of heart disease in my family and hating the way I looked I knew I had to start taking care of my health. I started by eliminating sugar and processed foods from my diet and making wiser food choices including more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. I really enjoyed experimenting with raw recipes, sprouting, juicing, blending with a VitaMix and making dehydrated breads and cookies. Today I weigh 130 (at least a 70 pound loss and still losing) am not at all stressed from struggling with will power like in the old days and am continuing to enjoy a 95% raw diet and enjoying my food without feeling at all deprived. I've been so excited about the raw diet and the resulting physical and mental changes that I became a Certified Raw Nutritionist, Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach and a Certified Raw Personal Fitness Trainer. I am in the process of writing a book to tell my story and to help anyone who has ever struggled with a weight problem and the low self-esteem and problems that go with being overweight.

I have appreciated having Natural Zing nearby with their huge assortment of raw merchandise, their efficient fulfillment team, and their support of my journey. Be on the look-out for my new website where I will share raw nutrition/weight loss tips and offer raw coaching programs.

Peggy Carey

Certified Raw Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Trainer

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