Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Affiliate Specials

Here are this month's affiliate only specials. Remember we do not promote these in any other way only through affiliate.  These are some great deals that you'll want to share with your followers.

January Affiliate Specials below. (good until Jan. 31, 2011)

1) Free Sproutman's Sprouting Chart  with orders of  any size
Promo Codes:
(customize to your website name)FreeSproutmanchart_111

2) Free Dried Black Aji Olives,  (raw, organic) with order of any size  
Promo Codes:
(customize to your website name)Freedriedblackaji_111

3) Free Pau d' Arco Loose, Lapacho Tea Cut, 100 g Free with order of any size

Promo Codes:
(customize to your website name)FreePaudArcotea100g_111

4) Free Green Olives, Jumbo (raw, organic) with order of $15 or more 
Promo Codes:

(customize to your website name)Freegreenjumboolive15_111

5) Free Nori 50 Sheet with orders of $25 or more
 Promo Codes:

(customize to your website name)FreeNZNori50sh25_111

New Products: (We have lots of new products click here to see the new products section. Below are some specials we have having on new products for you.)

6) Free Cocoa Powder, Fair-trade certified, 8 oz with orders of $10 or more
 Promo Codes:
(customize to your website name)FreecocoapowderFT8_111

7) Free Moringa Powder 8oz Free with orders of $20 or more

 Promo Codes:
(customize to your website name)FreeMoringa8oz20_111

Instructions: Please promote to your members and lists. You can customize the promo code to your website/blog/ning name, please keep the ending the same as indicated above. Feel free to use our images to promote our products. Instruct your members to go through your link to get the deal and to place promo code in comments area at check out. One promo code per order. The free product will not automatically appear in their cart or on their sales receipt, but will be added to their order when processed. Thank you!!

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