Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Creating Product Specific Links

Natural Zing’s Affiliates Program allows you to create individual links directly to products you would like to promote and share with your client base. Please follow the instructions below to create a custom link.

1. Login to Natural Zing’s Affiliates Program, using your username and password, at http://www.naturalzing.com/idevaffiliate/login.php.

2. Click on the Alternate Incoming Page Links link on the bottom left of the menu.

3. Open a second web browser window, and go to the Natural Zing Store website, at http://www.naturalzing.com/catalog/index.php.

4. In the Quick Find at the top right of the window, type in the product for which you would like to create a custom link, and click on the magnifying glass. All products which meet your search criteria will be shown.

5. Click on the product for which you would like to make a custom link to bring up that product’s page. Otherwise, you may stay on the search results page to link to the entire product list that matches your search criteria.

6. Copy the URL for the product page or the search results page by clicking on the address at the top of the window so that it is highlighted, and then select Edit…Copy from the menu bar.

7. Return to the affiliates page in your other open browser window.

8. Click in the box above the Create My Link button. Paste the URL you had copied by selecting Edit…Paste from the menu bar. Make sure that http:// only shows once at the beginning of the URL. If you see it twice, delete one instance of http://.

9. Click the Create My Link button.

10. Your new custom affiliate link will show at the bottom of your list of links.

11. You can now copy and paste this link into emails and onto your website to share it with others.

PLEASE NOTE: The affiliates software does not allow you to name your link. We suggest two options in order to facilitate finding your custom links.

• Link to a list of products, as mentioned in steps 5 and 6 above. This will show your search words in the URL shown in red.

• Keep a log of your custom affiliate links, if linking to individual products, in a separate document or spreadsheet, and include the product name with each entry.

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