Monday, March 8, 2010

How the Natural Zing Affiliate Program Grows My Business

By Sharon Greenspan, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

The Natural Zing Affiliate Program is the one-stop-shop answer for clients of Wild Success, my Holistic Health Practice ( As my clients strive to make healthy changes to their diet, their first step is usually finding food that tastes like brownies, bread, chocolate and other goodies to which they’re accustomed. Sometimes clients are struggling with lactose- or gluten-intolerance. Natural Zing is the answer. Their products are not processed; don’t have food additives or white sugar and flour.

The Affiliate Program provides a place where clients can buy healthy food that fits their goals. I don’t have to stock shelves or spend time shipping product. Natural Zing does it all. Yet, it supplements my income. Everybody wins. I know when I send clients to Natural Zing, they are getting quality, raw, vegan products. Jeff and Helen are vigilant in screening products and only carry the highest quality. Unlike some stores where one has to hunt-and-peck to find organic products; or scour shelving signs to ascertain which products are gluten-free, Natural Zing is a full array of vegan, organic products.

And they carry more than just food! When I teach classes, such as Sprout Happy or Raw Kitchen, I can take orders for sprout bags, seeds, and kitchen equipment. Natural Zing makes it easy to order online and have items shipped directly to my class attendees.

Their Affiliate software tracks every purchase. I can see how people are reaching my affiliate link. Is it through the home page on my website or another page? Is it through a posting on a listserve? Is it an ad? Advertising is part of growing Wild Success, my nutritional coaching business. Pointing clients, or potential clients, to great resources such as Natural Zing builds my business and builds Natural Zing’s business at the same time. Everybody wins.

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